B-Series soft contact lenses are ideal for people working in a dry environment or for those who experience difficulties with thinner lenses Have a uniform thickness for easy handling and great comfort -Series lenses offer reliable performance and great value Water content of 38.6% for durability and reduced protein deposits Made of Polymacon in a computer-controlled process Available in a range of powers with smaller intermediate steps — ensures usability for a majority of myopia.

Modality Yearly
Power Range( D ) Plano T ,-0.50 to -3.50 in 0.25 Steps
  Conventional Cosmetic Daily Wear
  Conventional Toric Daily Wear
  Quarterly Disposable
  Monthly Disposable
  Monthly Cosmetic Disposable
  Monthly Toric Disposable
  Fortnightly Disposable
  Daily Disposable
  Monthly Bifocal
  Monthly Multifocal
  Extended Wear

Bausch & Lomb U-Series soft contact lenses are the most prescribed and preferred daily wear lenses. Provide superior daily wear comfort, at an easily affordable price 38.6% water content for increased durability and lower protein deposit accumulation made of a special polymer in a computer-controlled process Ultra-thin design and excellent oxygen permeability ensures a longer lens life Available in a wide range of minus powers to correct myopia.

Modality Yearly
Power Range ( D ) 1.00 to -5.00 in 0.25D steps
and - 5.50 to -9.00 in 0.50 Steps

HO-Series soft contact lenses are ideal for people with very high minus powers Exceptionally thin design for precision fit and performance Are durable and very easy to handle Low water content increases durability and reduces protein deposit accumulation Available in a wide range of high minus powers.
Power Range ( D )
8.50 to -15.00 in 0.50 steps and
16.00 to -20.00 in 1.00 steps.
Optima® 38

Optima 38 soft contact lenses are manufactured using the unique, state-of-the-art process of spin casting and lathe cutting. Provides premium performance with the renowned comfort of the spin cast manufacturing process finely tapered edges that reduce friction between the eye lid and the lens — makes them very comfortable even after wearing them for many hours enhanced lens rigidity for easier handling A unique lens design and optimum centre thickness provides greater oxygen permeability — making these lenses ideal for long duration wear Visibility tint for easier identification and handling low water content ensures durability and lower protein deposits. Water content 38.6% available in a wide range of minus and plus powers.

Wearing Modality
1 Year
Power Range ( D )
0.50 to - 5.00 in 0.25 steps and - 5.50 to
12.00 in 0.50 steps +1.00 to +2.00 in 0.25
steps and +2.50 to +5.00 in 0.50 steps.
Base Curves
8.4mm , 8.7mm

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