ACUVUE® BIFOCAL Contact Lenses, it was a technological breakthrough. That's because ACUVUE® BIFOCAL is the only contact lens with PUPIL INTELLIGENT DESIGN™. It has five invisible, concentric zones that allow you to see clearly both near and far. So you won't find yourself having to think about which part of the lens to use — you simply put them on and go.People with Presbyopia (inability to focus sharply for near vision) Benifical for the People who don’t want to carry reading glasses everywhere they go,People who have hobbies or occupations that combine close and distant work (artists, teachers, photographers, golfers, etc.) ,People who want to remain in contact lenses as they pass 40 years of age
People who want UV Blocking in their bifocal lenses.

  Conventional Daily Wear
  Conventional Cosmetic Daily Wear
  Conventional Toric Daily Wear
  Quarterly Disposable
  Monthly Disposable
  Monthly Cosmetic Disposable
  Monthly Toric Disposable
  Fortnightly Disposable
  Daily Disposable
  Monthly Multifocal
  Extended Wear

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