Designed especially to suit your lifestyle, these quarterly or more frequently disposable soft contact lenses are easy on your eyes as well as your pocket. SL38 — the soft lens with an ultra thin design, gives you long wearing comfort and crisp, clear vision. Made with the latest technology for unmatched quality, these lenses offer you a fresh feeling of a new pair, all day, every day. Made of a non-ionic material, which resists protein build-up High-performance, ultra-thin design lets your eyes breathe 38.6% water content means very comfortable wear Specially designed mid peripheral thickness makes SL 38 easy to handle Enjoy the freshness of a new pair of lenses every three months, helping to maintain good eye health and hygiene.

Wearing Modality
3 Months
Power Range ( D )
-0.50D to-6.00D in 0.25D steps and-6.50D to -9.00 in 0.50D steps.
Base Curve
8.4mm , 8.7mm .
  Conventional Daily Wear
  Conventional Cosmetic Daily Wear
  Conventional Toric Daily Wear
  Monthly Disposable
  Monthly Cosmetic Disposable
  Monthly Toric Disposable
  Fortnightly Disposable
  Daily Disposable
  Monthly Bifocal
  Monthly Multifocal
  Extended Wear

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