ACUVUE2 Contact Lenses, the world's first disposable contact lenses, offer the convenience of one-week extended wear. That means that you put them in and throw them away 7 days later (which means you can sleep in them!) That's because their thin design allow for high amounts of oxygen to be transmitted to the eye. And, since ACUVUE is made mostly of water, it works well with your natural eye fluids. They can also be worn as a two-week daily wear lens (which means you take the lenses out each night). Added features include UV-Blocking and an Inside-Out mark to make them easier to insert. One pack contains 6 visibly tinted UV blocking lenses immersed in buffered saline solution. solution. Made up of polymer (etafilcon A) and 58% water content Contains UV blocker. Tinted for ease of handling (will not change the color of your eye). Lenses contain an inside-out "123" indicator to help ensure proper pplication/insertion. Also available in enhancer (for light eyes) and Opaque (to change any eye color) version.

Wearing Modality 1 - 2 Weeks
Power Range ( D ) 0.50 to-6.00 in 0.25 steps
and-6.50D to and-6.50D to -12.00 in 0.50D steps. & +0.50 to +8.00 in o.50 steps
Base Curve 8.4mm, 8.8mm


CIBA Vision introduces O2OPTIX™, the latest in our portfolio of advanced technology silicone hydrogel contact lens that provides more than 5 times the oxygen of the leading soft contact lens, offering you an excellent option for helping to protect against the potential for corneal oxygen deficiency which may be created by ordinary contact lenses.Something is about to change the way you look at contact lenses. It's O2OPTIX, breathable contact lenses that transmit up to five times more oxygen versus traditional soft contact lenses - for whiter, healthy-looking eyes, no matter how long you wear your lenses each day. They're so breathable, you can nap in them or even sleep in them for up to six nights extended wear.2

Wearing Modality 1 -2 Weeks
Power Range ( D ) 0.50 to-6.00 in 0.25 steps and-.50Dto
and-6.50D to -12.00 in 0.50D steps.
Base Curve 8.6mm, 8.9mm
  Conventional Daily Wear
  Conventional Cosmetic Daily Wear
  Conventional Toric Daily Wear
  Quarterly Disposable
  Monthly Disposable
  Monthly Cosmetic Disposable
  Monthly Toric Disposable
  Daily Disposable
  Monthly Bifocal
  Monthly Multifocal
  Extended Wear

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